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Newsletter number 2 – January 2020

Welcome​​ to our second newsletter, in which we tell you about the considerable progress that has been made towards providing a permanent home in which to store and exhibit the considerable archive of documents, photographs, pictures, memorabilia and recordings and transcripts of interviews​​ with local residents.

We now have a​​ building​​ at the bottom of the garden behind the Radlett Village Institute. The building was constructed to our specification by Portable Offices and the groundworks and services were put in place by local​​ housebuilders Griggs Homes. The photographs show the cabin being transported​​ at dawn​​ onto the site, it being lifted by crane onto the pre-prepared​​ ground​​ and​​ it in its permanent position. Behind it is a shed, which provides overflow storage.


We are​​ grateful​​ to: the providers of the necessary grants with which to fund the project; to the Trustees of the Radlett Village Institute for providing us with a​​ ten-year​​ lease and to Portable Offices and Griggs for their patience in accommodating our initial requirements and subsequent variations.

We now move onto​​ the next phase​​ in which we will:

  • Fit out the interior of the building. A small kitchenette, lighting and air conditioning was incorporated into the bespoke cabin. A small team of Trustees will now, with the assistance of Hertsmere’s Museums Officer and​​ Dave Armitage​​ from​​ the Elstree and Borehamwood Museum, decide and acquire what is needed to​​ store and​​ exhibit our archives.

  • Landscape the area around the building.

  • Design signs for the building and for the entrance to the site.​​ Griggs have generously volunteered to have them made and pay for them.

  • Continue to catalogue and digitise our archives.

  • Continue to interview long-term local​​ residents about their memories of Radlett past.

  • Continue to improve and update our website​​ (

  • Plan a​​ formal​​ Grand Opening​​ followed by a weekend event when members of the public will be invited to meet us​​ in the museum building​​ and, hopefully,​​ sign up to support us*.​​ ​​ 

  • Plan what should be displayed first in the Museum.

  • Plan the forthcoming fund-raising events, in particular a follow-up to the successful Quiz Supper held in March 2019. We hope that the quiz master will be a very well-known celebrity. We also plan to apply for another Charity night at The Abbey Theatre in St Albans.

  • Setting up a “Friends of the Radlett and District Museum” group. For a modest annual subscription, members will be given certain privileges.

  • Decide on the initial opening days and times

  • Forge links with the local primary schools

Vital for the success of the Museum will be​​ adding new​​ *volunteers​​ to our existing list, who will help with: cataloguing; planning and setting up displays; maintaining the building; keeping the website up to date, acting as hosts when the Museum is open; organising fund-raising ​​ events; etc. We will advertise​​ our Opening date​​ very soon and look forward to a good response.

Also vital for success is to have a diverse​​ Board of Trustees​​ which will drive​​ the project forward.​​ We are looking to add a couple of new trustees​​ and welcome applications from​​ those interested. We are particularly​​ keen to achieve a better age and gender balance and also representation from the other villages and hamlets of Aldenham parish. If you feel that you could make a positive contribution, please contact the Chairman of Trustees, Stuart Nagler, at​​

The final key to our ongoing success is to continue to acquire​​ items of historical​​ interest​​ and the necessary​​ funds​​ to cover annual costs​​ and complete the fitting out of the cabin. Stuart Nagler is the contact for possible exhibits. Offers of donations and/or legacies​​ (under GIFT AID where appropriate)​​ should be directed to our Treasurer, David Mitchell, at​​



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Newsletter number 1- May 2019

Welcome​​ to our first newsletter, in which we hope to tell you about what has been happening so far and about future plans.

The​​ Radlett Archives Group​​ (RAG) was formed in 2017​​ to acquire and store the comprehensive archive of photographs, documents and artefacts accumulated by the late Philip Eastburn, the well-known and highly-regarded local historian. RAG is the working name of the Radlett and District museum, which is registered with the Charities Commission.

The​​ initial challenges​​ were to​​ find a secure place to store the archives,​​ to​​ establish a plan to catalogue and display them​​ and to form a team to carry out the necessary tasks.

Of what local stone is this wall largely built?

A committee of​​ Trustees,​​ all of whom​​ are volunteers,​​ was formed and this group​​ has been very active​​ in driving the project forward.​​ Achievements to date​​ include:

  • Registration with the Charities Commission

  • Formulation of​​ a constitution

  • Appointment of Officers and allocation of responsibilities

  • Agreement of Aims for​​ RADM – specifically to​​ store its extensive archives and​​ exhibit them

  • Opening of bank accounts, preparation of budgets and arrangement of insurance

  • Extensive research into possible locations in which to store and​​ exhibit our​​ archives

  • Seeking and obtaining​​ substantial grants​​ in order to finance the acquisition of suitable​​ premises

  • Commencement of the​​ cataloguing​​ according to The Collections Trust guidelines​​ and​​ digitisation​​ of our archives – a huge task!

  • Recorded interviews with a​​ number​​ of​​ local residents,​​ capturing their recollections​​ of the local area over the years

  • A well-attended Open Evening at the​​ Library and a number of events, talks, school visits,​​ quizzes, and other fundraising events

  • Displays in the window of the Harpenden Building Society and the Radlett Centre

  • Creation and maintenance of website

John Apthorp​​ very kindly agreed to be our​​ President​​ and the current​​ Trustees​​ and their responsibilities are: